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Silverman/Arizona 70.3 Training Group & Plans

Open House If you are planning on doing either Silverman or Arizona 70.3 (or both!) you may be interested in the training options XCELL Performance Group has to offer this year.  Even more than last year! First meeting to go over details is: Saturday April 25, 2015  3:00 PM at Discovery Park 2011 Paseo Verde Parkway, Henderson, […]


We are a personal training and triathlon coaching company located in Henderson Nevada. Offering a variety of year round events and group workouts in the Las Vegas area. Whether you are just starting your journey to fitness, weight loss and new lifestyle, or a seasoned athlete, we can help. Weight loss programs and coaching plans available for every level.


I coach individuals at all levels, from the person who just had a health scare and doesn’t know where to begin to top level Ironman World Championship qualifiers. I get more satisfaction helping someone adopt a healthy lifestyle than from anything else. It is all a process and many who start with small steps have ended up accomplishing incredible results. I have a coaching and training plans to suit everyone!

I use personal training and racing as a tool to improve life skills and experiences. I am extremely proud of my athletes when they are rewarded with a great race, but I am more interested in what they learned in the process.

Do they feel stronger, more in control, more focused, more confident? Then we have achieved something special. It is about the lifestyle. Helping individuals set and attain goals that will keep them living a vibrant and robust lifestyle is what matters most at XCELL Performance Group.

Beyond that, I strive to create an atmosphere of community and camaraderie. That is a critical component to my approach. I work very hard to provide a positive environment where everyone, regardless of their athletic talent, can feel safe and welcome. If you have a desire to be in Team XCELL, you are in. No other requirements are necessary.

Additionally, I aim to teach safe training methods using established training principles that will keep my athletes healthy and informed. I believe in holding myself accountable for being up to date and informed on what is happening in all aspects I coach.



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