My Triathlon and Multi Sport coaching practice for dedicated individuals is currently full.  However, I occasionally have openings as athletes cycle out of races.  My fees are $100 per month. Three month minimum.
Individual swim sessions are available for $80 per one hour session, $375 for 5 sessions
Open water sessions are $99 per one hour session and $450 for 5 sessions
Lifestyle coaching and annual plan set up sessions are available at $80 per one hour session, $375 for 5 sessions
Each monthly coaching service comes with a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee, a TrainingPeaks Premium Athlete Edition account, a start-up consultation, goal planning and an individualized plan.

  • Bronze
  • $119/month
  • plus $99 start-up*
  • 2 e-mails per month
  • Training Plans posted monthly
  • 1 training plan update per month
  • No device file reviews
  • Silver
  • $189/month
  • plus $99 start-up*
  • 1 call and 4 e-mails per month
  • Training Plans posted monthly
  • 2 training plan update per month
  • Weekly device file reviews
  • Gold
  • $299/month
  • plus $99 start-up*
  • Unlimited communication
  • Training Plans posted weekly
  • 4 training plan updates per month
  • Unlimited device file reviews

* Note: You will only be charged the $99 startup fee today. You will be charged monthly from the date you begin.

Contact me at 702-376-0437 with any questions.

The intersection of pushing your limits and experiencing joy is where the magic happens.  – Lauren Fleshman, pro runner


Training Philosophy:

Here at XCELL Performance Group, we want to give you a training plan that is in balance with your life. Your training  should add to the quality of your life – not take away from other things that are important to you. We pride ourselves on giving training plans that work with real life schedules, while still making sure people can reach their goals. We’ll view you not only as an athlete, but as a person with other important responsibilities and passions.

Physical excellence should evolve through an organized and well-planned training program based on practical experience and application of scientifically supported methods.

— Tudor Bompa/G. Gregory Haff

Jackie’s story:

In 1999 I was without a clue about what I was going to do with the rest of my life.  Suddenly divorced with two small children I could not imagine how to proceed. I knew I wanted to help others, but how?  I had had a fulfilling career in the casino business but had been a stay at home mom for the past six years.  Jumping back into 12 hour work days did not fit the life balance I desperately wanted.  I didn’t know what to do!  In the meantime I started helping my friends work out and get motivated at my local gym.  Around the same time I started getting interested in racing.  I did a half marathon.  Me!  The girl who never did anything like that before.  I was athletic enough as a kid but was sidetracked in high school.  In college I was very focused on my grades and typically worked two jobs to pay my own way through school.  Not much time for exercising.  Then came a career, I got married and had a couple of kids.   Again, not much time for exercising.  After that first half marathon and a couple of 5ks something changed inside me.  I liked the new athletic me.  I was more relaxed, still stressed, I can not tell a lie, but it was more manageable. The exercise and races gave me something else to think about besides how to get the laundry put away and the kids fed before I passed out.  It was a way to feel more in control.  I could see outcomes from my hard work.  In short, I was hooked!  After helping friends for awhile I asked my own personal trainer what he thought about me getting into the field.  My hands were literally shaking.  I was so afraid to even say it out loud.  To my surprise he startled me by saying he thought I would be perfect.  I started the hard work of learning my A&P. (I was an accounting major- not much science).  I had to do lots of studying.  Around the same time that I got my Personal Trainer Certification, I became interested in triathlon.  The open water  is a whole other story but suffice it to say triathlon was CHALLENGING!  I was running on all cylinders and in love with the sport.  I took the leap and went to Clearwater Florida for my certification for USA Triathlon coaching back in 2000.  I was the only certified coach in Las Vegas for awhile.  As time went on, I gradually grew the business, got my level 2 in triathlon coaching as well as USA Cycling, US masters Swimming, bike ft and health and lifestyle coach certificates.   I had opportunities to get bigger earlier but I tried to keep it small and manageable so I could make it to all of my kids events.  I never wanted to miss a thing! As the children grew I was able to add more and more things to the business.  Like another child, I nurtured and tended to it and met some of the most extraordinary people in the process.  Along the way I have made mistakes: overcooked myself, under slept, overtrained, undernourished, over ate,  underestimated and over committed.  However, there has been no greater satisfaction, other than raising my children, than helping people achieve health and balance in their lives through goal oriented training. In the newest chapter, I am energized by helping not just individuals but by also building a community and developing new coaches.  It has been a privilege and an honor to serve the individuals I have been fortunate enough to come into contact with over the past 15 years.


If I can do it, ANYONE can!

Start living your dreams today!

Jackie Arcana
Phone or TEXT: 702.376.0437

Contact Jackie to help you determine what is best for YOU!




This season I was fortunate to race the Buffalo Springs 70.3 and qualify for Kona. The Ironman World Championships will be my first full distance ironman. I’m truly excited and honored to race in Kona! This past year working with Jackie has made all the difference with me. She has raised me up and taken me to another level.

-Jason G

scottphotosm24 hours have passed and I just completed my first IRONMAN Distance Triathlon (Arizona). I feel proud and my family and friends think I’m crazy!! My father calls the race “gruesome.” I smile and say, I didn’t sign up for EASY!!!

After a few years of Olympic distances and 2 half Ironman Distances, I decided to go for it. 11 months of training with fellow XCELL Team mates and under the watchful eye of Jackie, my 2- goals (finishing strong and having fun) was truly easy!!! I had never run a Marathon before this race either, so I was killing 2 birds with one stone. The training mentally and physically prepares you for race day. Although there were some tough training days, it was always fun and focused on achieving my goals and swim, bike, run times. That’s because of the special coaching and environment Jackie and her group provide.

Much of the success is doing what Jackie schedules you to do. If it is in the PLAN, do the Plan!!!! Absolutely nothing more, but there may be times you need to do less (injury, sickness, family, life). Jackie will rearrange the PLAN to work for you. If you’re looking for results, Jackie is the ticket!! If you’re looking for a group that is fun and motivating, XCELL is it. There are so many levels of fitness in her group, but I never felt that I was under challenged or left behind. You are there for your goals, but everyone works together and pushes each other. There is laughter and discomfort (ok-pain) during workouts. But pain and discomfort are temporary, and Jackie reinforces that. Most importantly, I have made some great friendships along the way and the supportive atmosphere reminds me of the camaraderie I had while in the military.

So if you’re looking for a fun place to get fit and willing to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, XCELL is the place. If you’re looking for a group of people with positive attitudes towards life, XCELL is the place. If you looking for a coach who won’t let you baby yourself, Jackie is your coach. Make your goals and dreams reality.

– Scott S.

sarahcelestesmJackie is a fantastic coach, educator, athlete and friend. Her experience and knowledge, along with her nurturing charisma, turns training into personal victories! Thank you Coach Jackie for getting us race ready!”