Healthy Living

Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire
If you are interested in personal training with Coach Jackie, please fill out the health and lifestyle questionnaire here.

Strength training is often overlooked but is a powerful way to increase your metabolism and reduce injuries. Improve your health, flexibility and strength. You deserve to get into the best shape of your life!

Individual or Group Swim Training for Triathletes

This is an area that has held back many an individual from getting into the wonderful world of triathlon. I have coached many individuals from barely getting across the pool one time to Ironman. Even if you are not planning on EVER going that far, I can help you get comfortable and efficient in the water. With a series of drills that are pertinent to your particular concerns, you will feel more balanced and be able to breathe better pretty quickly. While we all learn at different rates, everyone can improve over time.

Sports Nutrition

One on one nutrition consultations
One on one consults can be done over the phone or in person and address specific concerns.

Monthly Nutrition Only Plans
The monthly plans include daily coach reviews of food intake plus detailed suggestions for training and racing days. I do not tell you what to eat on a daily basis as this is highly individual and you need to work on incorporating healthy items you enjoy as part of your lifestyle.

Lifestyle Consultation

Find ways to improve your energy, learn how to make time for exercise and discover ways to make better choices for your overall health.
*All sessions are one hour unless otherwise noted.