Open Water Swims

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Saturday September 3, 2016

7:oo am for advanced and intermediate swimmers
8:15 am or beginners
Lake Las Vegas

Swimming in the pool is COMPLETELY different from swimming in open water.  If you have a triathlon scheduled in your future I strongly recommend getting as much practice in the open water as possible.  I have done water support for many events and most of the people I have had to rescue reported that they either had not swam much in the open water or that they had not practiced in their wetsuit.  Another common problem is not practicing in race like conditions.  In other  words they had no idea how to overcome the anxiety that comes with swimming a group.  Our practices will take you through all the skills you need to be more confident in your open water swimming.

I work with athletes on relaxing their breathing.  Many actually hold their breathe while their face is in the water which spikes the heart rate sky high.  It would be hard for anyone to relax with that going on!  However, practice makes perfect.  Many triathletes do not swim straight.  Proper sighting can make all the difference and we work on the best techniques to allow you to stay on course.

I hope to see you at the next open water swim.

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XCELL-ent Total Body Workout

XCELL-ent Total Body Group Workout Classes


Up your game with this total body workout.  Increase your muscular strength and endurance using functional training and principles of athletic conditioning.  These workouts will test your limits to achieve unparalleled results.

Xcellent Total Body

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Wake Up Body Class

Fridays 5:30 -6:30 am with Melodie  

Henderson Physical Therapy

 1358 Paseo Verde Drive
Suite 200
Henderson, NV 89012

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Open Water Swim Groups

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This year we have a new location, new times and more options to help you prepare for your best season yet. We are now operating out of beautiful Lake Las Vegas.

Every workout is organized and led by Jackie Arcana, certified US Masters coach and USAT level II coach.  Some of the Topics & Skills we’ll cover and practice:

  • Stroke technique tips for Open Water vs. Pool
  • Tips for practicing indoors
  • Sighting skills & technique
  • Equipment tips & tricks (wetsuits, goggles, etc.)
  • Drafting technique and practice
  • Starts
  • Turns & negotiating buoys
  • Exits
  • Racing strategies
  • Race specific training

Saturday September 24, 2016
Saturday October 15, 2016

7:00 am Advanced and Intermediate Swimmers

8:15 am Beginner Swim


Open Water Season Pass – Team XCELL ONLY

5 swims


Drop In Team XCELL

1 swim


Drop In (drop ins will not be available for sold out swims)


Should I come to the Beginner or Intermediate swim?  If you have never swam in open water before you should come to the beginner swim even if you are pretty good in the pool.  Most start with at least one Beginner open water swim.  If you have past open water swim experience including successful swim portions of triathlon races then you should be fine at the Intermediate group.


Contact Jackie for more info.

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NEW Bike Class in Summerlin

Join us at our newest location:

2450 Fire Mesa St. Suite #180
Las Vegas, NV
(near Smoke Ranch and Buffalo)

When: Every Wednesday Night
6:00 pm


This class is already a HUGE hit!

What: intervals, time trials, hill repeats
You – bring your bike, shoes, towel
We – provide the trainer and a coached workout



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