Sha Bam is a fun Group Workout!shabam

Sunday September 18, 2016

6:30 am

Swim, bike and run from Lake Las Vegas

What is the Sha Bam?

Why, it’s the whole  sha bam of course!   Ok, It is an open water swim, bike and run on a marked course.  The open water swim is kayak and lifeguard supported.  Transition racks are provided at a safe and secured transition area. The bike and run courses are marked and aid stations are loaded with everything you may need including ICE, water, snacks and friendly volunteers/  We also have Sag vehicles are on course. Sag vehicles for the uninitiated are guardian angels that come and assist you should you need help out on the course.

Details:  We will meet at Reflections Bay at 5:30 am for check in.  We start workout at 6:30 amtransition area We will swim up to 1 mile,  bike up to 40 miles and run up up to 3 miles.  You can do less of any of the sections if you like.  This is a workout, not a race. Yummy post workout snacks will be provided for you.  You are responsible for keeping your own time.  This workout is an extremely valuable tool and well worth having the peace of mind from a fully supported and coached event to prepare you for actual racing. Many said it was the key to their success last year.

More detailed details for Sha Bam  ……

Team XCELL Sha Bam  Guest price Sha Bam 


5:30 AM     Set up transition area, rack your bike and sign in.  Transition area will  be in the parking lot at Reflections Bay Country club.  The club will be closed for renovations so we can use the entire area without interfering with anyone.

Then gather for instructions from Coach at 5:50 am.  Transition racks are provided, first come first serve on placement.  Water and some form of  liquid fuel will be in transition area but we strongly suggest you bring along plenty of your own.

6:20 am:  Then gather for MANDATORY Coach instructions.

6:30 AM  Be in water and ready to start. Wetsuits are not needed but feel free to wear one if that makes you happy.  Water temp is approximately 72.  Open water float buoys, snorkels and neoprene booties are allowed.

 7:00   AM     Swim ends and Bike begins.  Please note: Bike time is up 3 hours MAXIMUM.

Bike course:  Exit Reflections Bay and turn right.  Proceed around lake.  Take right onto trail. Go under the highway and make a left onto the River Mountain Trail.  Proceed on trail until you are directed to get onto the road to avoid a small trail closure.  Return to the route and turn around when you hit 20 miles.  return the way you came.

10:00 AM  Bike ends and Run begins.  Total Run time is up to 30 minutes.  If you arrive PRIOR to 9:00 continue straight onto your run.  Run course is marked.

10:30   AM  End of Workout.  Many will be done WAY before that.  Good for you!  Snacks and beverages provided starting at 8:00 am

Volunteers are there for you but please be respectful of their time spent on the course.  Time, not distance, is the most important factor in this workout.  You are encouraged to track your own distances. 


Remember to bring all the basics:

Swim Gear – Goggles, a colorful swim cap. The water has warmed up so a wetsuit is not necessary. If you feel more comfortable with a personal swim buoy please bring it.  We have a couple left for sale as well.

Put on PLENTY of sunscreen and REAPPLY after the swim and bike.

Bike Gear – A WATCH , bike, helmet, bike shoes and socks, water and sunglasses. Your special nutrition or energy drink for the long ride. Salt/electrolytes. No helmet, no ride.  No exceptions.  While there is an aid station still bring AT LEAST two full water bottles.  Hydration packs are often used by athletes at this time of year.

Run Gear – Running shoes and a Hat or visor.  Water belt.

Dry clothes to change into after the brick.  We strongly recommend you get out of your foul, disgusting, sweaty clothes after your workout to prevent nasty “issues”.  Do I need to be more specific?  Lets’ just leave it at that for now.


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